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Welcome to
 Vineyard Restaurant

Wrotham Heath, Sevenoaks



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Roast pork with roast potatoes and carrots

The Vineyard has reopened with the new name and fresh look

Vineyard  has reopened in Wrotham Heath just off the A20 in Kent


Vineyard offers a casual fine dining experience serving modern European cuisine. Our generous dishes are based around  Italian and French classics and use the highest quality local produce wherever possible.

Private Funtions

We are the solution partner of corporate and boutique companies for the organizations such as opening, meals, launches and conferences. From the beginning we design and manage our organizations in line with the company vision.

As Love Makes Events, customize all our events exclusively, display company characateristic as stronger and bring them one step closer to the aim.


We carry out the philosophy of "every age has its own beauty" without age difference. Getting old is beautiful and deserves celebration. We are ready to make unforgettable parties with special concepts.

Each details are considered carefully and the theme are prepared as personalised.  Why we do not share these happy moments together?

Contact Us

 A20 London Road, Wrotham Heath,

Sevenoaks,  TN15 7RU

​Tue - Sat : 5:30pm - 10pm (Last order)

Sun : 12pm - 4:30pm​

Monday closed

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